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Hi Valeria

Hope everything is well.

I just offered my take in 'Is there Really a Need for Speed or Should we Reclaim our Right to Idleness?' http://www.sergetheconcierge.com/2008/08/is-there-really.html on Serge the Concierge.

Bonne Journee


I'd agree that commerce shares a lot with religion. But we can discuss this later.

As for instant gratification, perhaps dopamine was always the drug of a nation. Everyone needs their hits - from consumption to content.

For me, I'm not sure where my impatience comes from. What I have picked up is that I have a tendency to be patient with things that I should be impatient with and impatient with the things I should be patient with. For example, I patiently sit through a really boring speaker but find myself being impatient if someone asks a long question ( even if it is more interesting than anything the speaker said).

Good to hear that things are moving into to place.


I have noticed that individuals become impatient in group settings where someone else is in the spotlight other than the speaker.

Thank you for the Einstein quote - I have "Out of my Later Years" and have enjoyed his musings a lot.

Maybe a thought would be that everything - or almost - is considered for sale today. Commerce, even if just of ideas, has become one of the gods we worship.

When I was reading scientific columns, I learned that "at rest" is not possible for any organism. Everything is constantly moving in relation to each other. We say that timing is everything probably for that reason - finding the right spot is important for the connection to be made.

Was your observation on impatience due to experience? In other words, are we too used to instant gratification - whatever that may be?

We should stay in touch on timing if you plan to come to the US. Lots happening with me at the moment and I want to make sure we are the correct speed in relation to each other ;-)

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