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Interesting stuff, as always :-). However I do have a couple of comments.

While I agree that the opportunities are endless in terms of what can be done by companies utilizing social media tools, I'm none the less a bit hesitant on behalf of the end users.

Why? Because experience tells us that given the opportunity to communicate directly about products, many companies will take the opportunity to be less than honest about their products glorifying it in ways that doesn't stand the test of the customer. Result? Disgruntled and disappointed customers, who may have the opportunity now to talk back via comments etc, but which remarkably few still do.

Do we really feel that companies can handle this freedom on their own without resorting to dishonesty? I don't know. I think it's an open question.

So in that regard, I still think trade media has a validity. For two reasons:

First of all as I nice test to the company in order to explain the benefits of the product. I mean, if you can't explain it to a journalist with a deep expertise in your market, who can you explain it to? Furthermore it might actually be a good way of testing your messaging before sending it out in the market.

Second, I think that having trade media pick up on you product still gives you some sort of approval in the public eye. I mean, why else would companies refer to reviews every single time they acclaim their products (very known within software, games, music and especially the movie industry)? It's a way of easing the minds of the doubting consumer whether your product is actually as good as you say it is.

Now, whether trade media should have a different form, format and be on all platforms imaginable to humankind is an entirely different discussion :-).

@Shannon - glad I could provide inspiration. Many organizations already do the work to gather all the information for the benefit of their sales groups. Why not create a coherent and dynamic story for customers?

@Carol - thank you for visiting.

@Sean - there is a bridge between what companies are already doing and what they could improve with just a little more planning and thought.

Hey Valeria,

Brilliant post, as always. What a wonderful call for thinking differently about media relations. I wonder now how much better the social media strategies I've worked on would have been with more focus in this way.

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