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To me someone not willing to do the work to get the job is someone who will not do well by you once they get in. I had an agency pitch me on how we should do social media in a similar way your described. It's almost comical - there is one prepared spiel and no ability to deviate from it.

Today's connected individuals with a digital presence have tremendous advantages in that they can learn from their networks and not only the work life. This does mean that who you are talking with needs to change what you are talking about.

Valeria - Thank you for driving agencies (and frankly any business pitching a new client) to think about these points. Being on the client side, I am amazed how many agencies/vendors follow these myths of a cliff.

The whole concept of "they don't get it" really hit home for me. Constantly I have people pitching me that start off by defining digital, social media...hell even trying to describe what Facebook is. I maintain a very open online presence and simple google search would reveal to the agency what my background and experience is.

Anyone hoping to get business with a new client should tailor their pitch not only to the company but to the individual. Taking 5 minutes to learn more about your potential client could pay tremendous upside in the end. Just take the time to do your research

@Karen - there are actual examples of TV campaigns and print ads that have failed miserably because people could not remember which product or company they represented. Maybe there is a post in here about how to recognize you hired a good marketer, too ;-)

@Gavin - spot on, the big idea ends up being a purposeful collection of smaller ideas and executions done well more than we recognize.

@Eamon - thank you. You managed to give this blog yet another classification it had not gotten. So far I have communications, PR, marketing general, content marketing, social media, etc. What we talk about here is all of the things you need to create customer and market conversations for your business. It's about the customers and the business. BTW, my email back to you failed and was returned.

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