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@Mite, your concern for those "who try to sing hard as they can but don't hear the tones" is why people like Valeria are so dear to me. They are conduits of conversations, advocates of those who write to express themselves without regard to the writers' ability to "sing on key." There are too many bloggers with big egos who ignore their readers or belittle them -- and that holds true for readers who comment as well.

One of the things I stress when presenting at conferences or teaching workshops is how to make comments on other blogs and how to respond to them on your own site. Listening plays an important role for both sides, especially because of the difficulty in conveying, and interpreting, tone.

Indeed, intention does manifest itself. Thanks so much for commenting.

And Valeria, thanks for letting me have a bit of a rant on your site. :-) <--added to convey tone

@Peter, I like this question: "Is it wrong to sing in your own voice or must we lose our voice to avoid offense."

We need to sing in our own voices, absolutely. And we must come to the recognition that other people may "march to the beat of a different drummer," to continue the musical analogy. Our writing will not please everyone, especially when we are expressing opinions about deeply held views. But if we want to connect with readers, we must keep them in mind while writing.

Thanks for commenting.


"When intention is pure, it come across regardless of form"

I'd add, that when intention is pure it is not the speaker who is "tone deaf" but the listener. The listener can only hear that which they want to hear.

Much of what is described as tone deafness by Connie, can also be explained by the lack of compassion in the listener.

Perhaps we don't notice how hard it is to write online. Watching Conversation Agent for a while, I read voices expressing fresh ideas without the aid of the constant negotiation of meaning that is central to conversation. Each post a self executing file of knowledge, experience, content, meaning and intent all wrapped up in words. Which we intuitively know is no substitute for hearing a voice, watching a person and sensing them.

Writing online is hard. We are struggling to communicate just with words and the audience seems only happy with perfect pitch (to mix a bunch of metaphors, ideas)

Which brings me to "not a word on the ones who try to sing hard as they can but don't hear the tones." - Perhaps they hear themselves and want their voice to be heard too (however offensive to the ear of those with perfect pitch) - If it wasn't for them I suspect we only hear ourselves in each post over and over and over.

Thank Valeria for letting us hear, Connie and others voices these past weeks.

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