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Don't mind me. I'm brain dead. Didn't see the tiny little arrow that signifies comments are continued on the next page. D'oh.

Hmmm. There are several more comments I made that don't show up here -- I responded to all of the commenters subsequent to Deb, but my comments are not showing up. (Typepad, I have a bone to pick with you! That was a lot of writing you sucked into some black hole.)

@Erica - There will always be a disproportionate number of people who don't engage. Studies give various numbers but it's approximately 1% of people who create content for the Web; 9% comment or interact in some way with the content; and 90% simply read/view and that's it. But I do think you're right that we could boost up that 9% participation rate at least a smidgen by creating a more encouraging environment. Sometimes all it takes is *asking* for a comment and drawing the shyer ones out.

@Beth - you're right that being tone deaf is something we can all evidence from time to time and it is something we can easily forgive when a simple apology is offered or a correction is made.

@Jay - And to quote the Good Book, "Pride goeth before a fall." Yep, arrogance abounds in some circles. And the principles of openness, authenticity and transparency serve as spotlights to shine the light on it.

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