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Thank you for your post. I've wondered about it today.

It's rare that the intellectualisation of a proposition is mirrored in the moment it is read.

The story projected by your post made me nostalgic for what it might once have meant to be human.

Where, in the small world in which we existed, there was no proxy for character or identity. Our person bare, judged by the virtue we practiced. In which we "owned" our sense of self bought through a labour of mindfulness and reflection.

Of course, this is just me.

Another image I get from your post is that of my local pub on Saturday night. They play the same songs and the crowd rides the music, through the night as they connect to the music to a time or emotion. You can predict, pretty much, the audiences reaction to any song.

The final image, is how a brand map differs from a punch card.

I am thankful for your post. I admire the clarity of your writing and your ability to project images so clear that it draws out utopia in some and a sense of urgency in me to get out into the sunshine and tend the orchard and plant some vegetables knowing, like my thoughts, these I can call my own.

Apologies, I know this is supposed to be a forum on brand and don't mean to distract. It's just that brand is like concentrated modernity. You don't need much of it to get the flavour of the times.


@Mayank - Thanks for your comment. I liked the way you described our relationship to brands. We do (somewhat unconsciously) find a reflection of ourselves in a brand. That's what creates the connection that marketers try so hard to tap into.

If you find any websites that are able to connect emotions to a brand, please let me know!

Great and Interesting post. Never really thought on the lines of brand stories as conversations.

I too feel emotions have an upper hand when it comes to making such decisions and just as in relationships with other people we tend to unconsciously find an image/reflection of our inner self/emotions in brands.

Stories are a great way to get your messages across as they are easy to understand, remember and share with others(virality). Also, I loved the idea of a website that could gauge your emotions and direct you to relevant brands.

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