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Thanks Gianluca for the call out on customer ratings and reviews. I believe you can also find some excellent commentary from our customers on the Dell Community Forums and on our blogs.

@dominic, interesting point about customer conversations around the web and you are quite correct, using search and participation in forums people have access to those on their own.

As for bringing those commentaries into Dell, that raises numerous questions. For example, we know from our own efforts to be in touch with people who blog about us, there is some share of spam blogs, link baiting and RSS aggregators that offer little value. Think you would need to filter that out. Comments are not automatically found and that would leave some valuable content unfound. Also, while the content is "out here" Im not sure how people would feel about a company using it. Those are some considerations that come to mind.

In the meantime, your own search and friends may be the best way to gather that information

@all thanks for useful comments. I do appreciate them.
@ari: unfortunately very few people at the moment, in Italy, use Stumbleupon or Digg, I guess mainly because they are not localized yet.
@giampaolo: yours is a interesting story, keep in contact :)

@Valeria Just to explain how it works: I didn't email people asking if they wanted samples, but I wrote on my blog that I wanted to create a tasting panel for my wines. Initially 50 then I increased to 100 people. In order to join the panel, people had to subscribe on a page of my blog that I've prepared. There was only one condition required, to have a blog or website. Even this condition wasn't strict and you could join without a blog if you'd send me an email motivating your decision to join in. The surprise was that the most passionate people were those without a blog and I received fantastic email by people that loved the wines, that didn't have blogs but that were ready to share the tasting with friends and would send email to me with tasting notes to be published on my blog.
The tasting panel has been split in two groups of 50 people, each of which received a random 6 bottles pack with our wines The first group has just started (people have received the wines last monday)and people are publishing their notes on their blogs now. I've asked that the panel ended at the end of this month, so we'll see more on the next days.
We promise that we'll republish all the notes on our blog (linking back to the original post if there is one), as soon as they are available, without altering, editing, censoring anything. The feedback section for each wine is active on our blog and will be there permanently and open to everyone to read and comment at any time about our wines, even outside the tasting panel.
I'll tell you more about it when all the 50 people have finished tasting and writing about the 300 bottles that we have sent in total.
So far so good.

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