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Tony, this is a great post. As a marketer, I found it very thought-provoking.

Commented a bit on my own site about this post and linked back, but wanted to share my major thought.

I think that the issue you are really getting at here is that too often the medium becomes the message and as marketers we forget the role each channel plays in the ongoing dialogue between brands and customers. Also, all too often, we treat these mediums as a chance to shout at customers but never to really communicate with them.

Understanding Twitter is not just about understanding the specific platform, it is also about reminding ourselves as marketers that brand communication is just that -- communication -- a two-way activity.

How often as marketers do we listen? How often do we participate? It's an important reminder.

Thanks for your insights.

One of the best postings I've seen yet on Twitter. I haven't even bothered to bring up the topic of Twitter (let alone try to explain it) here with those trying to deal with their brand/conversations about... Have some better ideas on how to go about it when they're ready though. Thanks Tony.

Tony, i appreciate Tom Parish here in the Austin area tweeting about the relevancy of your commentary on Twitter, branding, et al this morning. It led me directly here as i pay attention to Tom's succinct recommendations.

Thanks for the time and thoughtfulness you put into this post. I especially appreciated your reference to "listening." This is, to me, what makes Twitter much more distinctively valuable than a good many other options.

I also appreciate how you organized your post to be so easily scanned with the high points made clear.

As to tweets -- and also to those who twitter:..............If you're paying attention in your following, and in the contributions of those following you, there are a great many "dots" of value to note in the ultimate patterning within the threads.

This is almost exactly in "real life" up front and in person we're also attuning to (naturally) when we are looking for alignment and congruence in how some shows up - over time.

Today you've gained a new, regular reader I suspect in me, and also someone who, like Tom, will enjoy spreading the word that something of significance is being shared in your camp.

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