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Serge -

According to the Wikipedia page for "The Medium Is The Massage" the incorrect spelling (made by the printer) was done purposely by McCluhan to emphasize his point -

I didn't see it as my place to change it, but probably should have used a [sic] to note that it is the "correct" spelling.

Thank you for the compliment on the post.

Karen -

Thank you and as I said to Helge - sorry for the long pause in this reply comment.

As for hiring, I think there is a balance to this. We need new thinkers and people who understand today's communications tools and approaches, but we also need people who have experience in managing the complexities of guiding and growing a brand. We don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past in new ways and it almost always takes an experienced person (with an open mind of course) to help spot these things and guide the inexperienced person away from them.

As for the dinosaur analogy, I have always liked what Russell Davies said: - The dinosaurs didn't have a choice. Businesses do.

I think people and processes can do a good job of keeping pace if the right people and processes are in place. Not many have this yet, but I think more are trying. Let's just hope their efforts are too late or too slow.

Thanks again for your thoughtful note.

Helge - Thanks for leaving your comment. I'm far behind on things outside of work, so I apologize for the delayed response here.

I agree with all that you are saying. Especially with the need for action.

Always wonderful to hear from you and get your thoughts. Thank you again.

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