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Even if we acknowledge that virtually every human being on this earth is in it for themselves, it is in every individuals best interest to reduce poverty and *extreme* disparities in income.

I read in an authoritative source that FDR's Federal Reserve Chairman once said that one of the primary causes of the Great Depression were that, "as in a poker game where the chips were concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, the other fellows could stay in the game only by borrowing. When their credit ran out, the game stopped."

Both the beauty and tragedy of capitalism is that its engine is the most reliable of human motivators -- self-interest. Through that reliable engine driving human behavior, we have created prosperity.

The tragedy is not far off from the classic "tragedy of the commons." How to harness the self-interest that drives this prosperity to work toward resolving enormous poverty, is one of the World's greatest challenges and has been for some time, now.

Great use of maps and great suggestions. I encourage you to visit and to see how we're using poverty maps to focus volunteers and donors to volunteer-based tutoring/mentoring programs in all high poverty areas of Chicago. If there were databases showing organizations serving poverty areas in the various parts of the world where poverty was concentrated, our blogging could connect potential volunteers and donors to these programs, and these programs to each other.

If we repeat this even just four times a year we could increase the flow of resources to many of these organizations who now struggle because few people know they exist.

@Rich - glad the Twitter reminder was helpful. I know from reading you and your activities that you and your company are very active in the community. Thank you for taking action, and for visiting.

@Suzanna - from reading the comments to some of your posts, I glean that many feel overwhelmed by it all. This comes across also in my conversation with copywriters and marketing communications professionals. Anyone who, like you, helps people navigate through the waters of online effectiveness is a welcome contribution. Thank you for your kind words and keep up the good work!

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