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Interestingly enough, many companies spend most of their time involved in internal conversations, ones that can use the kind of advice on relationships offered here.

I am smiling as I think that perhaps "the old boys network" is an example of how relationships work to get things done.

You're right, knowing and doing are two different things sometimes.

Great question: Why is it that there are entire bookshelves filled with advice on networking and building relationships, advice we often listen to and take, and yet we find that in our organizations Dilbert-like situations go unchallenged?

Application of what we "know" is always the rub.

Relationship quality is not only the ultimate advantage "out there" in the market but also "in here" on the operational side.

Anyone that has ever been on a successful team knows that.

Thanks for stirring my thoughts with this post!

Keep creating...relationships worth valuing,

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