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Now I understand why I was receiving so many notices of new people following me on Twitter this week-end (while sleeping :-))!

Thank you so much for having carried further this idea and having given your personal colours to it. "
I feel humanly connected to you - "the humanity that comes through when we do use technology to connect."

I am glad to see the conversation that takes shape from your post, it strenghtens me in my intention to blog more. This is your gift.

How genuine can a conversation be on Twitter? Does the small limit on characters have any effect on authenticity? In the old days, weren't the most genuine conversations the ones that took the longest?

@Matt - I will make sure I do, if the opportunity presents itself.

@Heather - a genuine gesture that is emotionally satisfying does create the conditions for a connection. I was thinking also about how when we feel a connection with someone or something, emotion comes through.

@Carolyn Ann - my affinity with mom's picture (I put it on my wall at home, too) comes from the story of majesty of the trees that encapsulate the potential dream/inspiration. There's also the proportion I life between people and stretching upwards. I agree, connections aren't just emotion. Emotion is more likely to come through a connection - to someone or something. Let's hope 'hope' is not just a sentiment or an aspiration, but the catalyst for true transformation. People *are* tired of feeling manipulated by anything, hence the need for genuine connection. Some things are better felt than articulated - it took me a lifetime to just get to see what I feel in that photograph ;-) Good departure and food for thought here, thank you.

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