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Valeria - It was such a pleasure to meet you - and we shared lots of giggles amongst our synchronized Twittering :) That was fun!

PhillyBarCamp was my first "outside Real Estate circle" Bar Camp and I certainly hope it won't be my last.

One of my favorite parts was meeting you !!! Your sessions were informative - thank you!


And I will fight for your right to disagree on the basis of your experience. We all process information differently. The (two) sessions I led and facilitated, for example, were just conversations - people shared stories, asked questions, helped each other make points. There was a very good balance/ratio of listening and talking underscored by respect and taking turns.

I have to disagree with #5--I attended some sessions where there were a lot of active participants, and others where The Many were drowned out by the Talkative Few.

I think the session I attended that worked the best in this regard opened with everyone briefly introducing themselves (and giving themselves each three "tags"). This broke each individual's silence barrier.

In addition, the speaker/moderator in that session used the whiteboard to good effect and jotted down related subtopics from the attendees to use as a road-map for discussion, which I feel kept the discussion from veering too far off-topic.

But 9.5 out of 10--that's not bad!

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