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@Michelle - I'm with you on providing value to others on Twitter - helping make connections, share links. There is also the purely social component that is fun every do often. Thank you for pointing out John's blog.

@Jon - a detailed analysis! I think it's very much dependent on what we seek to accomplish at a moment in time. If I'm at an event and want to meet other people who are there, that is one use. Or I might introduce two people who are at a conference I could not attend to each other. The tool allows me visibility into knowing they are there and the ability to talk with them remotely - and publicly (others may be there and join in).

@Tim - you cracked me up with the image of the guy sitting next to you... I once flew to Europe with a pilot sitting next to me. He did not shut up one second during the entire trip!

@Richard - Gary is a good example of being yourself and has passion to share, that's for sure. I do wonder if using only Twitter would impoverish conversation. Short messages are fine, but we don't think and live in taglines.

@AV - you definitely have a personality and voice coming through your writing. I seem to understand you really like Twitter. it can get addictive - it's the feedback, even the silent seeing ourselves in the stream, that makes it so.

@Bruce - thank you for your kind words. I do spend quite some time on crafting posts because I believe in providing value to the community of busy and smart professionals like you who choose to be online, read and participate. I do not open Twitter until I am done writing my posts, or else I'd never get to them.


As always a very thoughtful post. It doesn't surprise me that Twitter is too noisy, and abbreviated for you since you put so much into each daily blog post. The time of an in-depth post and Twitter activity would absorb your entire day.

That said, don't tweets at times remind you of everyone talking over each other at a large family reunion or a conference floor? It provides a unique forum to swap between conversations seamlessly; of course that too could drive some people crazy.

For business the value has been positive but tangential to this point. It has lead me to some great articles/insights and is starting to broaden my network. However, a few recent requests have fallen flat so I may have to broaden some more.

Usage has ranged from casual to current events to business, and yes several mini-tribes are apparent. The one item I have to be cautious of is the time sink; between twitter and reading it can take too much of my day. But what a way to go :)

Thanks again.

Excellent post. Love the reference to Buchanan. First time on the blog (via @DerekTut) and I'm here to stay.

My participation on Twitter vacillates between being a catch-basin for my daily doings and thoughts and a giant dinner party conversation. I joined because I'll try anything twice--once for the sake of it and once again to savor it.

I am sticking with it because, hi, my name is Anastasia and I'm a Twitterholic.

Someone once told me my nuclear follow-cost indicated I needed a Twittervention. I said OK, so long as I could live-tweet the ordeal. Failwhale?

Uh huh.

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