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I have been a member for over a year now and my usage of twitter has exploded in the last month, thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk.

I keep coming back because every single person I'm following always have something interesting to say.

It's amazing what people come out with in that 140 characters, it does sharpen your mind to get to the point.

I see it as the water cooler, the bus stop and the airline seat-talk ("so, what do you do for a living?") of yesterday. For the moment, Twitter is the growing fountain of dialogue that allows us to do all of the above:

- see old friends at random and/or with consistency for a quick chat
- meet new folks who are going in all different directions and not afraid to tell you all about why and where
- a 2-3 hour exchange that is noncommittal but may very well open a whole new opportunity

Sure, I already have the chap sitting next to me that won't shut up...but for everyone of him that follows me, I am able to grab the nearest seat next to whomever I want to engage.

It's a water cooler. Many people are there talking, gaining perspective, learning about what's cool and exciting, discovery new worlds through our peers.

Others among us feel more comfortable working in the office and socializing outside of the office. Those of us ready to join or even listen to a conversation are welcome.

Those of us who only want to be heard, but do not care to join the conversation, will be ignored.

Those of us who mirror each other will remain mirrors, generating interest so long as we don't seek provocative or interesting perspective.

But anyone with a voice, with a passion, with a true sense of normality and social conduct, is welcome to join and will be successful. It's all a question of success metrics. And I'm not sure what the success metric for Twitter is... or that an objective metric truly exists.

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