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I think there is also tension between the form of story, which could be long, and the brevity sought with search. We have no patience!

I love your reminder that the real innovation is in uncovering the fact that we all have more of a story to tell than we thought. Thank you.

Very thoughtful post, Valeria.

I think the challenge is to bridge the gap between those searching for answers (as I think we all do when we interact online these days) with those who are telling stories. They're certainly not mutually exclusive categories, but we still see a divide.

It seems the real innovation with social media is that it reminds people that they have more of a story to tell than they think.

@Sean - to me there is still the need for an editor and a storyteller who will take the conversation with users as a to do. What happened, I think, is that it is very difficult to execute - often for the "too many cooks in the kitchen" syndrome.

@Dominic - you are spot on in terms of the commercial side of the equation. Create something that is valuable and package it in a way that can be spread. From an editorial standpoint (which in a cash flow situation like the current one is taking a back seat) I lean more towards more thought out and longer conversations. Most of my posts will attest to that. The approach is about what's in it for them and at first smaller is better. But a conversation and relationship develop over time when meaning is exchanged. For that you need more than micro-media.

@Carolyn Ann - short and simple is hard to do. Simplistic, on the other hand, is easier to achieve. I would shoot for simple, for the record. I see a difference. A poem can be packed with meaning and remain short. Yes, I know, I am comparing pears to apples ;-) There is a place for lengthy and thought-out information, which will by no means take away the implications or unintended consequences of actions or beliefs. The reality is that it is easier to pay attention to something that agrees with our worldview at first. We notice what we're thinking about. But we all know that relationships and knowledge are constantly built and rebuilt, learned and unlearned. With search and story, we lower the barrier of entry and might increase the stickiness, what comes after that is still largely the product of many activities, interactions, and opportunities to take things apart instead of assembling them. In the end we talk with people where they are and how they'd like to be in the conversation as a starting point.

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