Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni: Why Start a Blog and 25 Tips to Make it Work

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Apparently this was a liked post!

@Toby Diva - I should make the time to join you on your show. You have such a smart way to discuss topical content.

@Sandy - feel free to recommend me for speaking gigs ;-) I really do enjoy being with people and facilitating the conversation.

@Dean - thank you.

@Andrew - I have created my fair share of sites - from corporate to mid-sized to small company to boutique consulting firm.

@Maeve - from what I have seen, you are doing a great job. The secret is just keeping up with it, not letting anyone influence your desire to invent new conversations, share knowledge, and be creative.

@Timothy - To me engaging is more part of the ethos of getting to know other professionals and letting them get to know you. A byproduct of that, an outcome, is that they may in turn read your work and follow you back on your blog.

@Peter - go for it. Congratulations on taking the plunge.

Great article. I am using these tips in my new blog. Thank you.

I really agree with posting comments on other peoples' blogs (just like this!).

I have always participated in comment-giving just because, but when you start putting in your homepage / URL you really notice a lot of referring traffic to your site. A lot more than what you would expect. I probably comment on 5 to 10 blog posts a day, and the traffic back shows that it works.

Nice list!

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