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» Mark Earls on Branding from MarketingInProgress.com
My brain has latched on to this interview by Mark Earls with Hugh MacLeod at GapingVoid, and it wont let go. Thanks to Valeria for originally doing the latching.  Ive copied Valerias excerpt of Marks ranting below just to g... [Read More]


@Brett - the desire to have one's own definition probably comes from the need to "control" the message and conversation. I have experienced that in my career when colleagues who did not understand business = marketing at every step of the way and who never practiced it expected to take over the function or dictate how it is done. Indeed, brand is what you get as a result of doing right by your customers. Thank you for continuing the conversation.

Hi Valeria

Enjoyed the post...and agree that is a really interesting interview. I just finished reading Mark Earl's book, the Creative Age. Hugh recommended I read it. Check it out if you get a chance....worth the read and raises a lot of interesting questions about traditional marketing assumptions

Nice to stop by and catch up with your blog. thanks for the enjoyable posts and perspectives

Personally, I don't find brand a helpful concept in business.

Brand is my being in business. It is the potentiality of all my consequences that only becomes real and tangible in the presence of another. Then disappears to travel forward in time to greet me again in the presence of another.

As rightly pointed out brand is a consequence - that becomes ill shaped the more you try and shape it. My advice is to look less at your brand and more at what you trade and receive in return - but more on what you recieve in return.

Of course if your brand is misshaped to begin with..

Always a pleasure to stop by.

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