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Friendfeed is really useful as you said because it is a good source of information, but I wish conversations were more organized because when you have many people posting comments or links it gets really messy and I feel we loose the value of the tool.

In a hectic online world with multi-social media accounts, I find that Friend feed brings clarity and you certainly get a better feel for the personality behind the blogger, rather than a one dimensional view of an online self.

I linked a friend feed to my blog that gives updates and promotes interesting information from my other blogs. I found this a great tool for expanding my network. (see bottom right)

My friend feed -


@Chris - good hearing your take. I noticed you added FF recently and ave been following your interest over there. I might be chatty on Twitter, I am a better listener and server on FF. I'll have to check it out on my iPhone. I confess I'm very computer-based on blogging, still.

@Maria - I know this is a topic near and dear to your heart.

@Michael - good hearing from you and you changed the blog's template. I especially like "I don't understand people who have a victim mentality." And yes, you do look military in your demeanor (the photo to the left, not that of the post ;-)

@Brian - I don't check it all the time, but it's really good to catch up on what is going on in my networks. Good seeing you there. That as the reason why I left Facebook (and Beacon), I was tired of the constant pokes and ads, etc. It was too spammy for me.

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