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Great post. You say "let it go". I would go even further and say "embrace it"

@Geoff, I only know your philosophy from the small comment, but I am curious if you consider the value that a personal brand has to the company by which you are employed.

I agree that personal brand should be developed in the course of accomplishing that for which you are paid. However, sometimes the act of "packaging" or framing for the purpose of personal branding is really actually strategy and priority setting for our job. Without poking our head up to reflect and self-analyze, we can easily get into auto-pilot.

Keep up the great content Valeria and thx for the reference to my comment in the main post.

Great post Valeria.
It is posts like these I would like to print out and slip into the mail to many of my past employers. They are "past" because despite promises they didn't: foster growth, encourage learning, or give the ever important freedom so many who have commented mentioned.
There are books, blogs, articles in papers and more about keeping good employees - that it is less about money and more about empowerment and challenging them. Money is important, but if you are able to take initiative and make decisions in your job - you tend to be happy. Happy people stay.
I wonder what the right questions to ask a future employer might truly make sure they "get" this...?

Ryan -

I'm here reading your post and it's almost midnight - yeah, we are passionate about creating these connections, sharing knowledge and resources and helping each other out.

Part of me nods at your exhortation of "giving freedom", part of me thinks we take the initiative, push through the dip and demonstrate we "can" do it. There is no putting this genie back in the lamp. It will be interesting to see how the stories that are the future develop.

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