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@Geoff - I do and we see eye to eye on that. My philosophy on work is to give others growth and opportunity in the process and to love what I am doing, no matter how small it may seem. I like the fact you use the term stewardship for it.

@Louise - if only companies figured that out. It is about products and services people want and the experience of dealing with you.

@Fayza - glad to meet you and learn more about your ideas.

I have worked hard to build my personal brand, and if a company takes a chance on me and it's the right fit for me you can be assured that I will work hard to build their brand as well, provided that they empower me.

As Geoff suggests, I agree your team should come first. Being involved in athletics for the last 20 years of my life has taught me that.

It's not, nor should it be about you, but if you're using this space the right way your setting a precedent and building a brand and establishing a reputation.

There's no secret that if you have done it well you can leverage that to help yourself (and more importantly your employer), but if your company insists on taking that away from you chances are they are going to lose out on a great opportunity.

These people, in our circles, that we consistently run into are working hard. They are working after hours because they are passionate about what they are doing. Give the rockstars freedom to empower your customers. NIKE built an empire empowering the runner and designing customized shoes for the best distance runners in the world while other shoe companies just tried to throw more money at runners to wear their gear.

Right now maybe there's less choice due to the economy, but if you try to stifle a rockstar they're going to go guide another pirate ship when we come back out the other side.

Great insights as always Valeria!

I can't say anything that I haven't already said, except, "Bravo!" Excellent follow-up to an excellent topic.

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