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Oh, goodness! I meant to say, get in there and connect. Not their. ::sigh::


As I work for IZEA (not IZEO :), I have to say that we couldn't be more thrilled with the genuine debate the KMart campaign has sparked.

For me, the best take away from this post is that IZEA, which is the umbrella company for PayPerPost, BloggersChoiceAwards, CloudShout and SocialSpark (which ran the KMart and Sears campaigns), should not be the endgame to Blog Monetization.

What we hope to do is spark conversations so that companies can then get more involved as an online presence. However, once the conversation has been started, it is up to the companies themselves to really get in their and connect.

All the Best,
Carri Bright
IZEA Communications

I most like the model in which a brand finds a site where conversation is already happening within a commmunity likely to use their product, allowing the brand to offer that site a service -- the crockpot example that Alan points out above. As I understand, Huggies had success doing just that with a site built around toilet training.

But I keep thinking about celebrity "commercials" of the past: In the early days of TV talk show hosts did commercials during their programs. Some were entertaining and fun. Where does that fit in?

This podcast brought to you by Wheaties the Breakfast of Bloggers doesn't bother me at all, but I'd have to eat Wheaties to be part.

As far as companies screwing up goes, when the marketing and PR folks understand that to come online in "stealth" as learners thinking about their customers ... rather as "pros" shining the holy grail limelight on every campaign, they'll be more like to get a helping hand when they trip up.

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