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The future of the Internet should give marketers nightmares... :-) What will happen to the concept of "being proactive" when search engines become intelligent in a true sense. The ersatz/pseudo thing we currently enthuse over can hardly be called "intelligent; "dimly aware" is probably the best it can manage.

True intelligence is when the search engine(s) learn your preferences, collect, summarize and forward the information you're interested in. Without being asked - just simply by watching what you look at.

Privacy, as a concept, is much in debate. We have the American model, and the European one. (I'll ignore the Chinese model: privacy is not a concept they know. Unless you're in power.) The compromise - one will have to come - will be something between the archaic and individual model of the Europeans and the commercial and transparent one of the US. What this means for marketing remains to be seen, although I get the feeling that marketers, as a group, will probably start influencing the debate.

I don't know about behavioral lapses of individuals; the forgiveness factor is so much a part of managing perception that it's impossible to describe it any way; except, perhaps, as "arbitrary". It used to be that no one cared, because there were so few ways of checking on a persons' past. Now - it's like some nightmare version of that Jim Carey vehicle, The Truman Show.

One thing is for sure: the future ain't what it used to be! :-) (Sorry, I couldn't resist. I can't remember who said that, though.)

Carolyn Ann

My apologies to sounds a bit like doomsday, but in a nutshell I believe that the future of the internet is to avoid that nothing controls the past.

Yes... I know, it's 1984.

However, by looking at local politics (Valeria, I guess you are following it too) internet is taken as a kind of danger for any traditional organisation, economic corporations too, instead of an opportunity to turn to a more substainable business.

Hi Valeria,

and thanks for your ongoing service! Could you please be so kind and share the source of the picture/illustration you've embedded in your posting. Thanks a lot!

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