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Been a hectic weekend for me and I haven't got up to speed on the stone throwing regarding Chris and the sponsorship thing...just seen bit and pieces in the twitter stream. So, it's OK for Tiger Woods to wear the Nike swoosh, right? What's amazing to me is that the companies whose tools Chris uses regularly in his practice within this space (google reader, firefox, Mac, wordpress, etc...)do not seize the opportunity to sponsor him throughout his travels, making it clear that they have bought the space for their logo on his computer bag or where ever, just as they do with every pro golfer and NASCAR driver. I think it's a missed opportunity for them and Chris.

Great post, trust is truly critical in so many ways.

Oddly, one way to gain trust is to offer your own: Show you trust your customer ( )


@Denis - I am aware of that fear and the rigid processes that companies put in place to control output to the point of too little, too late sometimes... I can tell you that the folks who call me to sell me have a very different experience and are often unprepared to offer solutions to my specific needs, just *their* canned product. Truly helpful account reps are few and far between. Trust issues are a big barrier to solving problems.

@Ayat - When reading your comment I was thinking about those 60-minute stories on multiple marriage scams... the need to feel loved. We are very much in a culture of desire.

@Maranda - I think we'll need to continue voting with our wallets to change anything. Becoming creative at finding products and services that solve our problem ourselves. I enjoyed your cartoon at Accuconference - so pertinent to this conversation!

@Brian - here's the difficulty - dependencies. Often decisions are made above your pay grade and although you are accountable for a job, the power to make it happen shifts and you do not get the support you need. This is where organizations can affect change the most, by helping their own employees succeed. That's why it's not easy. "find one area of your life or business and commit to something for 2009" right on!

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