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I agree with your hypothesis. Then yes, we may both be delusional ( But that doesn't matter if, as you have said, we are kind).

Perhaps the mantra is change what you notice and not what you do . Based on my observations, action tends to follows involuntarily .

But, how to notice ?

As an aside, I was reflecting not only on the impatience of change agents but the sense of disrespect for the present that I get from so many who call them selves change agents - the present is not some sought of failure to be constantly corrected.

@Sam - that is a very good list, thank you. Focusing on the process instead of the people and communications is another famous pet peeve of mine. The mantra should be "it's the people". You are quite correct, we got here thanks to those dynamics and we need to change them to get out of it. Change or die?

@Peter - valuable input, thank you. Yes, change agents are impatient. And I know that people (Cab here said it) do not even like the term. But is change speeding things up or is it slowing them down long enough to notice we could do them differently? I struggle with that. The way for change to work is to notice in the moment, make a different decision, and pursue that. Or maybe I am delusional.

@Carolyn Ann - good, I'm glad you said that. Dell's change is being done outside in, Apple's change is inside out. Which one is harder? Obama indeed has the chance to change the conversation - and by doing that, hopefully (the hope part needs to be there) change the game. Love the name dropping. "what can we do, for each other?" is exactly what marketers should be asking themselves.

@Cab - yes.

Completely agree with the blog, but for the love of God lets all resolve to kill the term "change agent" this year.

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