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Darn! I wish there was an "edit" button - I didn't do a read through before hitting "post".

Saving the cats wasn't materialistic. The art is simultaneously materialistic and not. The house is materialistic; my motorcycles are materialistic - and not.

An endless debate re materialism will now ensue within myself. :-)

If I question myself, can I say I've conquered one aspect of life?

Carolyn Ann

Living life. :-)

I can look around me, right now, and see some art that is both good and interesting, a disabled cat - whom I taught to kiss! - we saved (the rest of them are upstairs, sleeping), and a house that I am slowly (far too slowly) transforming into our home.

But that's all materialistic; it's important, but it isn't at the same time. I've accomplished some dreams, and have some others I'll get to. Overall, I can say I'm successful because, well, I'm here.

(And if that seems selfish: I wouldn't be the same person without my lover of these past 19 years! That she's with me, is something beyond words.)

I'm not sure that's the answer you were looking for; my apologies! :-)

Carolyn Ann

Just discovered you via The Brand Builder and will definitely visit again!

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