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New and different sells but that at some point, things cease to be new and cease to be different and then you're left with what is the true value and worth. That truly will be a sight to behold. Whether our love affair with shiny and new lasts longer than..what 2 years?

Great summary of the way social media carried the President's message.

I was struck by the quote at the beginning of this post highlighting "new, different and attractive".

Most business cultures I work in would instinctively see "new" and "different" as risky and in some cases foreign to their models of success.

At the same time many would be happy to be "attractive" assuming that meant more revenue from more customers...or something like that.

But you don't get "attractive" without being "new" and "different".

What a wonder-filled tension this creates!

Keep creating...when others refuse,

Check out whitehouse.gov for how the website has changed! (Apparently it changed, precisely, at noon.)

Carolyn Ann

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