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Hi Valeria. Thanx for sharing. This is a very interesting article you have. I've been involved in digital collaboration and the internet business since the start, and yes you are right. There is a shift, an real change is happening as we speak. I especially enjoyed the phrasing you gave it - Collaboration leads to community, and Community needs Contribution. I've seen the relationship for quite some time, but you worded it so neatly and short!
If you aren't familiar with Charles Leadbeater, you might find his thought on mass creativity interesting. I also made a presentation on digital collaboration on slideshare - you will find it from my blog.

Keep the good work up - I will surely be back and read more of your blog!

Spotty adoption is an issue with every kind of system where we hope for collaboration. Simplicity as in easy to join and fair to work with should be a consideration when designing such system.

Good of you to build on that point, Sean. It seems to be the next logical step - yet it is such a distant step to take at the moment.

"Is this too idealistic? We talk about influentials, yet the needle seems to be creeping to making real change from all that influence. Could it be because we do not yet understand how to do collaboration through community and networks of influence?"

First, what a WONDERFUL article, Valeria.

I wonder how much of Choice Influencing and its lack of impact is due to its lack of full adoption within the industry? When we look at how the very basics of Supply and Demand are being challenged to point to the ability of supply side to actually control price and set demand then I have to wonder what will happen as more of the industry shifts to adopting more collaborative processes.

True influence may be, to steal a horribly overused concept, a tipping point factor.

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