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@Betsy - thank you for passing through :) The biggest concept is that news and information are local and very much momentary.

@Suzanna - in reading your observations, my mind was going to all the times that business is just interested in profit and not in sustaining their earnings - both as return on investment and involvement. This short-term myopic approach can only lead to starving the very system that needs feeding. Steven is suggestion an interesting model. Online is for brevity (one wouldn't tell here). How can we do long form and conversation both?

@Steven - I like research actualized or at least in the hands of more people than just academia. The online model will need to develop better economics if it hopes to thrive. AP commissioned a study not long ago where they discovered that young people love to get the news in snippets (no big surprise there), but then they might want to dig deeper (paid content) when the news interested them/touched them in personal ways. I'm thinking here local and regional stories that layer more intelligence. I wonder what this kind of model would to to sensational journalism for the sake of the award. I wrote about the AP study (look under category of new media, you'll need to scroll pages, or search this blog if interested). The book is not going away. It's portable and allows for a more intimate and personal interaction with information - not everything needs to be public for it to happen. We also need to take into consideration mobile communications with the portability issue. Yes, indeed more to come.

Valeria, it's an interesting point, and in many ways I agree. It will be interesting to follow what happens with one part of the publishing world though; mainstream books on science research - things like Malcolm Gladwell's books (and many others).

Does the online world have the right economics to motivate that kind of effort? Are the size formats right (ie, a blog entry over 2 pages starts to feel very long), and will it be easy to introduce larger, framework-changing thoughts in the online media types?

Or, as Gladwell, Godin, Peters and many authors have done, launch a book for both economics and size/format, and use the online media types for discussion and community in parallel? Does this hybrid model become the norm, or are we in a transition phase right now? Food for thought, it will be interesting to see how it evolves over the next few years.

I agree with you on this one. You have to sell yourself to every single visitor that comes to your site.

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