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At my work we're focusing on social network participation. That includes Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Ning, YouTube, and Blogging. I'm only here to get the ball rolling so for people without a social media or marketing background, it will be much easier to sustain vs. some tactics that require more specialized skill. One thing I like about social media is the usability. You don't need to be an "expert" to know how to listen, engage, and be involved. I'm focusing on many other things on this list as well, but I'm hoping encouraging employees in my office to participate will help the sustainability of the projects I am building and creating buzz around.

The last part of your post sounds an awful lot like what many marketers I read are calling "the new ROI". Is that what you were trying to get at there or did I misread?

Also, I was shocked that contextual advertising is ranked so low. Why do you think that is? Is it because the poll is polling readers and not exclusively marketers/advertisers?

In response to your question whether Twitter is public relations, marketing, or both: I believe that people are trying to hard to classify Twitter. It's not quite like traditional public relations or traditional marketing as I have learned them. I believe (and I'm not expert, I'm still in school) that too many companies that use twitter are trying to force it into one of those areas. I'm not saying that companies wishing to have an active and successful Twitter presence go out and hire someone for the sole purpose of that, but instead just assign it to an active, conversational, and likeable person already on staff. And don't tell them they're doing PR or marketing (or even community building), just tell them to do what they do and do it in the best interest of the company. Trying to classify Twitter is slowing it's opportunity to grow in use and effectiveness for your company. It's like trying to classify a two year old boy as a future football player or scientist. You have to let it grow to see what it is fully capable of.

Sorry if this seems like fragmented thoughts, I'm typing this in Biology!

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