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@Serge - I saw that, good for you! Hope it goes well.

@Tracey - thank you, you are very kind. A small teak is all it takes to correct form in most martial arts, for example.

@Richard - I love "it's even better to be the link". Situational and emotional intelligence are key moving forward. Critical thinking along a continuum is indeed a precious skill.

@Olivier - merci.

That post is so good, it almost brings a tear to my eye. Well done, Valeria. :)


Your post reminds of the quote "It's easier to pull a chain, then to push a chain." Except, you add 'Yes, but maybe it's even better to be the link.'

I agree that there is a much more systematic approach to understanding how to act, interact, and inspire communities. However, I also think the ability for someone to excel is somewhat dependent on their ability to be able to act situationally. In a world of bullet point education, I wonder sometimes how many people really have that skill set?

All my best,

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