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Opinion will get the better deal as long as publications aim to comfort the comfortable, which means readers.

We have so many options, most people will turn the channel anytime they don't want to hear an opinion that does not validate their preexisting beliefs. The phenomenon allows us to find "our" truth based on biased facts, encouraging us to focus all the more on what seems to be.


There was an article in The Economist last week saying that the newswire agencies like AFP and Reuters are not doing badly at the moment, so maybe newspapers should be leaving the news reporting to them.

I've always felt that where newspapers really add value is in analysis and opinion pieces. And personally that is content I would be more likely to pay for.

Accurate, unbiased news reporting is so important though. I also don't like at all the 'fast buck' road many publications are going down.

@Carolyn Ann - not providing competing views or a way to have a civil debate is a problem of today's news organizations. I see CNN catering to the masses for opinion sound bytes more and more, instead of requiring the official version to explain itself. Diversity or reports is not viewed as a strength anymore. Alas that is why everyone ends up doing what everyone else is doing and we get to where we are...

@Jeff - this is an awesome contribution to the conversation. For the record, I root for true journalism and have been a long time admirer of the work that Amanpour and so many other reporters do. As a PR professional and a citizen, I object to questionable tactics for the fast buck. Like everything else in life, to me ethics are important to keep things in the proper perspective.

@Susan - the pendulum has indeed swung the other way at the moment. Critical thinking is important, as are facts. But I think they both get the short end of the stick when nobody is there to help create an environment where truth has its place. Becoming popular and entertaining has its cost, too. Once you start, it's never enough.

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