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We are cogs in a wheel most of the time because we let people put us there.

We need to move away from the job owning us to us owning the job. (Or the opportunity)

With ownership comes responsibility. How many have taken their
job for granted where maybe they felt entitled to the position. Or possibly
entitled to succeed with a business opportunity.

In this harsh economic climate everything will be harder that is a certainty. It
will certainly be harder to find a job and start a business but you will not be alone.

Those who work hard, work smart and reach deeper to connect will have more opportunity for success.

Will all who follow this formula reach success? Of course not but their chances for success are much greater.

We need to move from the realm of social media being the magic bullet or a panacea. It is simply a tool that if not used with the right intent can be unproductive and potentially destructive.

And please let's start to move away from the notion that (open and free) has to compete with commerce.

Now is the time to make money. Make it for all the right reasons and with the right message but it still boils down to paying the bills.

The tools are in place but the message and intent still need plenty of work.

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