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I'm by no means a Luddite, but I can't help feel that every tech advancement is a Pyrrhic victory.

Commenting on a blog, the most relevant example is the advance in communications and networking. Any information is available. Yet the general population's critical faculties appears to be impaired by the deluge of information. The US tolerated the Bush presidency despite ample accounts of incompetence. We're more susceptible to media sensationalism and the economic crisis is a case in point.

Everyone has a responsibility to make their own informed decisions, to be reasonably skeptical of news irrespective of personal belief and preference. Sextus Empiricus knew this back when newspapers were carved onto stone tablets, 1800 years later with tablet PCs and Kindles we should know better.

@Bruce - technology is helping me in exactly the same way: to stay in touch with my family in Italy, and dear friends all over the world. For years now, when I plan a trip, I reach out to my network ahead of time and plan get face to face encounters. So it starts online, but it's very much about expanding and extending relationships. Many things are getting cut out of my budget at the moment. Direct investment in learning and people is not. I have the same reasons you list for it. We're social beings, and sharing is part of our DNA.

@Claudia - if you're talking about design, Italians were probably in the front row :) Thank you for providing the link, I've already taken a peak and will be spending more time at the site.


I share with you this link to a conference that just happened 10 days ago about "Where did the future go?", LIFT 09
The speakers took different angles to approach this theme: design, technology, etc.. Worth a look. Many, many great ideas, insights. (and I was surprised to see so many Italians researchers!)

Claudia (just an attendee)

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