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It's indeed not so easy from behind the corporate walls. And for companies the size of P&G, listening & participating are easier theoretical concepts than applied practices. I mean, I work myself for some large companies (in the financial sector) and they talk a lot about how they should behave in the new economy, but they have a lot of trouble practicing what they preach. But then, P&G doesn't really come as a surprise. The company is more "modern" than many would think, e.g., in the way it embraced collaborative innovation many years ago already.


@Mikeroblogger - I just tested the shortened URL and it seems to work fine. Yes, the title is longer than what I usually write - it makes the case for the post without reading it, so maybe it's its own shortcut? BTW, when I emailed you a welcome note, it was bounced back as undeliverable.

@Reuben - thanks for stopping by.

@Luc - I just continue to be mystified when everyone keep saying that brands should be listening, participating, etc. and then have a heated debate when they work on doing it. It's not so easy from behind the corporate walls. My hat off to a company the size of P&G for putting the learning hat on. Hopefully they will have many ways to continue to connect. In fact, I'm surprised Dave Knox or his colleague didn't comment here. Perhaps because I already said so much :)


This is a fabulous case showing that even the most "unexpected*" players -and I do respectfully quote it as an "a priori*" here- are willing to take risk and jump into that "mysterious social network" nebulae". Who would have expected P&G there? Well they are coming in. I see it as a proof that about every business should at least stop by, start to listen and why not... engage conversation.

I like David Armano's perspective on people/brands "learning by doing". Isn't it how new brands proceed, in their early launching times? Now, pioneering vs innovation? whatever we call it, it indeed always begins by "opening up".

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