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Valeria, you are truly a conversation agent. You are right, I didn't know your blog but now I know - within hours I became part of your conversation. And thanks for the reference.

And while I subscribe to what you worked out in great detail, my experience in the media is not as rigorous as you describe when you talk about the "first impression". I find it very interesting how you get to know people over a few blog posts and tweets and build up what may become trust over time. The longer we use the media the more careful we get with judging people on the first impression and I personally think this is an awesome development in our society. But then - it is just a nuance.

@Rich and @Dan, after working with those giants, I developed some better understanding about their issue. For example: How do you deal with 100,000 customer messages per day, 15,000 resellers in between you and your customer and a sales organization that has been conditioned over years to use methods that are 50+ years old. It is no excuse but those organizations cannot change over night even if they get the best managers in the world.
If we want better products and services, we need to help them change. In order to help them we need to talk their language. Like Valeria says: - How talk can change our lives.



@Rod - I couldn't have said that better myself. Brevity is a gift! Thank you, yes, it does boil down to value for the customer.

@J. Paul - maybe they were in control of the story. The experience was always in the minds of the customer, but he/she was isolated. Now they/we can find each other and share. Ah! Good thinking here.

@Dan - you might be correct in your assessment. But not because of the lack of tools, because of the lack of interaction and participation.

@Rich - actually, I don't think that the modern corporation wants a relationship at all. It cannot sustain it. It's too complicated, too partitioned, too much to deal with.


Outstanding. You just illustrated everything I think a brand really is ... the relationship between the company and a consumer.

In terms of Internet adoption, I'm sure some companies were content to just ignore the phone too. That is what they are really saying isn't it? I know you're my customer, but I don't want to communicate with you on your terms. I only want a relationship on my terms. Ho hum. Let them fail. :)

All my best,

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