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@Suyog - the reason why so many take up to Twitter may be because it allows them to literally take small steps. Yes, starting a blog, for example, is easy. It's the keeping up part that gets interesting to keep fresh.

@Bruce - the hard part will be to maintain that spirit of newness and discovery through participation with social media. Because we get used to being out there, talking with and meeting new people all the time, things take on a different perspective.

@Daniel - we also have a harder time dealing with so much change coming at us that is not voluntary. These activities where we want to embrace change become secondary as there already is so much in our lives we need to deal with. All is well in good times, it's during harder times that we really test out resolve in many things. And I see signs of stress in the 'sphere.

@Lewis - hard to argue with scant evidence, isn't it? People may want to hang out with you, but will they buy from those activities? It's healthy to want to distance yourself from things known and experience new things. That's why pauses are good between talk, notes, and anything that runs the risk of running us, instead of us being thoughtful about it.

@Stephen - I really like what you said here. Flow is when it comes natural and you retain "consistency of purpose". That has probably been my one thing throughout my career - and life - that has kept me from raising up quickly, but is keeping me very much on course. Like very marathon runner, I like to pace myself. It's easier to deal with what comes at you if you're anchored in purpose.

Valeria: sometimes you arrive at the "fall in love" moment with a person or a brand or any type of shiny new thing and then you realize that you've known them for more than half of your life. That's Flow in life and I realize it all the time.

How we do this professionally, with customers or clients or anyone, has more to do with consistency of purpose and less to do with "change" than we often think. When we consistently retain our purpose - to add value, to be "about solving their problems instead of talking about us all the time" - in our communications and our actions, we keep these important relationships alive. When we decide we're hip, cool, and transient, people continue to window shop.


Like Daniel, I, too, am asking difficult questions regarding social media from a business perspective. I wouldn't call it disillusion as much as a need in business to always question what we do and why we do it.

For me, when I find myself in a place where familiarity is breeding contempt (or merely boredom), I take a break from it or I write about it. In the blog world, I stop reading familiar bloggers for a while and find when I return to them that my initial interest in their thoughts is either renewed or not, resulting in a temporary resolution of my ambivalence.

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