Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Top 10 Reasons Why Your Customers are Being Difficult

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I find that customers can sometimes be difficult when they aren't quite sure what they want. It's difficult for a customer with no technological background to be thrust into the world of web development with so many choices and decisions. The best thing to do is communicate, simply.

Insightful post - particularly because you wore well the shoes of a difficult customer. I have yet to read your article on how to deal with difficult customers, even so I've noticed a trend in my behavior as a customer - and in line with your analogy about family - it is that love is blind. In other words, I tend to be an easier customer with companies I'm emotionally engaged with. The obvious example - and probably one shared by many readers - is my Apple computer. I consider myself a pretty well informed consumer. Yet when it came to buying a desktop that I use mostly for writing - books and blog, very little graphics - I chose an Apple; in spite of it offering less features for a higher price. The one benefit I could not walk away from was it's personality. What can I say - in a sense (without being sick in the mind) I was attracted to Apple - I did not feel this towards any other brand. It's Apple's personality that drives me to forgive its shortcomings - In a very similar way as I close an eye to my husband's imperfections - because I love him. (scary, I know) Moral of the story: once the minimum requirements are met by a company, personality is key for keeping customers engaged - and forgiving. And to love your company and products 'just as you are'. Without personality, products and services risk getting lost in a vast 'me too' ocean.

@Bruce - that Seth keep copying me :D Thank you for sharing the link. Attitude, or showing up, as Woody Allen once said, is 90% of much of life. What we create depends on what we project or intend.

@Toddy - however, interestingly, many businesses are set up to have transactions, keep moving people through the funnel or pipeline. This might be fodder for another post as things are changing rapidly especially in types of businesses that are evolving.

@Carolyn Ann - as I wrote in the post, I can be a difficult customer if my exact questions are evaded with vague answers. My first job in my teenage years was selling ice cream in one of those fancy Italian shops. Let me tell you, you learned who the difficult customers were going to be by how they walked into the store. Perhaps we can learn to read body language on the phone better. We can already see a lot online.

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