Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Top 10 Reasons Why Your Customers are Being Difficult

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I'm not a terribly difficult customer. Until something goes awry, and then I'm just obstreperous... :-)

One thing you didn't list: the customer could just be lonely! Or having a bad day, and the customer service rep who says something wrong, inarticulate or even (and I'm not being prejudiced) with a bad accent, making themselves the target of much anger.

As a phone technician, one of the things you quickly learned was that some people just are ornery; and still others were just lonely. I'm still not sure which I dreaded the most!

But, despite what I said at the start of my comment, I'm a perfect customer. :-) Just don't ask anyone who has to deal with me when things awry...

Carolyn Ann

@khurram - thank you for stopping by.

@Matt - it's counter intuitive, but smaller businesses often make more time to care for customers, even as they have less time to do it all. That's because they are much closer to the actual transaction than larger companies where some never talk with a customer.

@John - I'm smiling because that was my first "why" at the Fast Company post. You're spot on with your advice. Relationships are so important in any business. Whenever I see a business fail, I see lack of communication and connection months or years before the failure. And yes, we should be discerning as to whom we want to do business with. I call it the 90/10 rule. Spend 90% of your time doing the 10% of the things that matter. This is valid for productivity as it is for many other things in life. Thank you for your kind words.

Hi Valeria,

Interesting thoughts. I always try to think of the "customer" more like a "client" - it shouldn't be one time relationship with the person you sell goods or services to - you should build longer term relationship. If I like your services I may recommend you although I bought only once.
I always refer to car dealers when it comes to bad customer experience - they do exactly what you write above - don't listen, don't follow up, don't accept feedback.

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