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This is an interesting conversation and I'm curious to see the continued discussion. Just looking at the header image of the post disturbs me. As a speaker, who wants to look out over a sea of heads looking down at their phone? It seems to me that if you're typing, you're not truly paying attention to the conversation. A sporadic tweet here and there, or recapping the event after, I understand. But I don't know that I'd be thrilled to see a constant stream of updates from everyone in the room!

That being said, as a follower unable to attend the event, it might be worthwhile to "view" the presentation real time. Perhaps there is another way around it - having a designated "Twitterer" for the presentation (and announced beforehand so users can follow that person)?

@Chris - we have tried prepared questions a few times, but it always ends up sounding like we've planted the questions! One thing I have done recently was hand out postcards at the breaks, asking people to jot down a question for the Q&A session at the end. That worked a bit better. I suppose I see a gadget-facilitated Q&A as a more sophisticated version of this.

Maybe we could have an open Twitter-based Q&A after the event, with public questions and answers happening in the feed - give people a bit of time to think about any questions, and take the formal "put your hand up" sting out of things. Got a big(ish) event coming up at the end of the month, might try it at that...

@Mike - would tweeting in class be distracting to you? When I present I like to make lots of eye contact and read body language from the people in the room. In some venues I do better than in others. There is a rhythm to the conversation, even when it's mostly from one source towards an audience. But, I'm aware that learning styles can be visual, auditory, kinetic.

@Chris - indeed, with a smaller group it is easier to establish rapport and connect with each attendee. And it is very much situational, both depending on the speaker and the audience.

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