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@Gayle, @Valeria – we use "be of use".
Partly because we're a (user-centric) design firm, but also because, in this day and age, we're not above building relationships with clients on as many levels as we can.

I saw Massimo Vignelli (living legend) speak at the Design Thinker's conference here in Toronto over the winter and he told a charming story about a client relationship that starting out with bits but turned into calls from a shoe-store for advice on which shoes to choose.

I'll pimp my brain.

@Wayne - those are the very same blogs I look up to. Although many use a combination of the ideas I presented, they exemplify a few best. Glad you enjoyed the post.

@Reza - glad to be of service.

@Emanuel - I've enjoyed your book tremendously. Got a few ideas out of it. Can you tell? Thank you for sending it. Keep up the great work.

@Mawuna - indeed, we give first. You hit it spot on with your comment about attention. Thank you also for your patience while we worked out the links to your post. It was very generous of you to share.

This List is impressive. Thanks for sharing it.
I owned the first version of Emmanuel Rosen book, and that's a Great book, worth your time.

Buzz is not a self starter. You Need to give something to get it. More important than the Attention you Get, Is "what you do with the Attention people invest in you or lend to you".

We are now in the attention economy, in which the new scarcest resource isn’t ideas, capital or talent, but attention itself. Today’s businesses are headed for disaster-unless they learn to manage this critical yet finite resource, or fail!

Businesses which will succeed in this attention economy are the ones that take customers attention as a LOAN or managed as an investment” NOT something they “paid for“. Companies that fully understand and appreciate those distinctions will be the winners in the future.

That why our advice to business people is not anymore for "What get attention", BUT to go for "What Keep attention".

There is a great article about this matter You should read. It's titled "Go for 'what keeps attention' ... Not 'what gets attention'"

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