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You're right in that people are people, regardless of social media. The fact that the Domino's employees put the clip on YouTube is pure stupidity.

I think that (with the exception of the fact that the President didn't seem to look into the camera all the time), Doyle did a good job with his speech. I also don't think that the actions of two ignorant people will ruin a brand, although one can't help but think about the incident every time one enters a Domino's franchise.

It's important to separate fact from the tools used to voice opinion, yet the power of social media continues to prove that it's a force to be reckoned with - and businesses and brands need to take notice.


This is a great response and you made so many good points here. I hope everyone reading this that works for a consumer brand takes the time to forward this post up the ladder. You put this situation into context extremely well.

It is amazing because I have witnessed c-level executives "discount" social media time and time again (and blogged about it). Let me grab a quote from a previous statement because I think it adds to this situation. This is from an executive at another consumer brand on social media:

“I think it’s just so new. It’s hard to tell where the value is and how to leverage it. I think most chains are taking a wait-and-see approach,” said Bob Spaulding, director of media and research at Einstein’s. “Most brands have social groups, but it’s very difficult to engage them. There is resistance among these groups to being advertised to. They don’t want to be seen as part of the marketing department.”

Your post really responds to the danger of the "wait and see" approach well. There is greater danger to waiting and then getting trounced by one negative thing that is strong enough to break through the clutter. It is FAR safer to dive in and build relationships in a positive way - then if something does happen your network will be there to defend you.

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