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@Susan - we rarely have all the answers, but we get better with the questions. At least that is my personal experience. Joining forces is especially hard when there doesn't seem to be enough to go around - uncertainty and doubt accompany fear. That's why we need to be extra careful about how we drive forward.

@Brian - it's a big yogurt being advertised (gross), hence the big spoon. The image gave a chuckle. Thank you for thinking through the metaphor with me. I think it's a bit simpler. We may think we see clearly ahead, but all we can do is drive where we think we're going and adjust the course when things come our way. While it's tempting to go someone else's speed, wisdom and experience help us figure out our own.

If we're all in the fog, it would seem we have the option of sticking together in an effort to get out of that fog, but what if we're so eager to press on regardless that we're taking a greater risk in driving into the fog, blindly following someone, anyone, who will lead? Is this preferable to pulling off the road, turning off the lights, and waiting for the fog to lift, enabling a clear view?

The driver at the front of the line could be worn out from leading so long and no longer interested in reaching the destination quickly and safely. He may just want a break for himself! I mean, who is this guy? Where did he get his license? Why are we following him? Could it be that he's actually holding everyone back? And is that spoon too big?

Interesting little metaphor.

Life is a journey, both professionally and personally. I think we sometimes do our best when we recognize we don't have all the answers. It's best to reach out, take a step back and ask for help/teamwork. The fog today can represent the economy and people everywhere, in every position, are trying to drive through it in a successful manner. Blindly (no pun intended) leading and assuming you know what is right will lead you to crash into a yogurt truck.

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