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@Alvin - I had a very good friend for years who is now back in her town in Malaysia. Thank you for reminding me of her. In the US, they call that pressure you describe as "keeping up with the Jones'" or "the rat race", which means that even if you win, you're still a rat. Better or self as in continuous learning and growth is an improvement over that thinking... with wisdom comes the acceptance that we are all we can be at any moment in time. As I said, it comes with wisdom.

@Paula - thank you. It is also very much true in the world of digital communications, where you can be king or queen for a day and a perfect unknown the next - things just change that fast.

I really like this post, very positive and a good set of rules to live life by, not just your professional life. I like point 5 very much, as it doesn't matter if something you try is a complete disaster, pick yourself up and try something different. Great stuff.

Hi Valeria,

Very inspiring post you have here. Similarly, I think the point "stop measuring everything" is very important. I'm from Malaysia (er...the country to the north of Singapore) and our culture here is quite different. People here like to compare with each other - who has the bigger house, bigger car, higher job position, bigger company, richer husband, more successful children, etc. Sadly, it has actually becoming a norm in our society.

And maybe that is also why most people here are not happy because they are not content with what they have. A friend of mine is driving a big car, but he wants a bigger one. Then I threw him this question, "what's next then, get an even bigger car so that you can be 'better'"?

If someone tells me that is how people can improve themselves then sorry to say, I don't agree. We should improve ourselves so that we can contribute more to the society and also to pursue whatever we believe in. We don't improve ourselves so that we can show other people we are better than them.

But then again, if everyone has this kind of mindset, I wouldn't see so many unhappy faces on the streets. :)

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