Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - 3 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Blog

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@Deana - good luck with your new venture. It sounds exciting. Welcome to the conversation and hope we can continue to provide value to you.

@Diego - thank you for stopping by.

@Harriet - thank you for digging up that story. FriendFeed is set up better (or I should say was before the new interface that refreshes as you're reading) for conversation. Alas, not many people on it at the moment. I think we also run out of time and attention. It's more difficult to ignore the person in the room or in front of you, than it is to move on online.

@Angela - I know how precious time is! Those are all choices in front of you. For this blog, I let the relationships and community help me make those decisions and the content evolved over time. And every so often, I do a survey, either in the post or as a poll, to take the pulse of what people are interested in.

@Tiffany - every single one of your posts grows into a magical conversation. It's never too late in life to try anything, I agree. And the moment to start is usually now :)

Great thoughts. I've dealt with every one of them myself.

I think for me, what's also important in this process is realizing that it's never too late. To start a blog. To re-envision one you already have. To reclaim your voice. To participate.

Too often, we compare ourselves against the time and pace of other people, or get caught up in the numbers. Or at least, I have. And that's take away the real vision and the joy. I miss that stuff. Which is good, actually. Because it's up to me to get it back :)

I'm trying to start a blog (I consider myself a writer. I write for low paying websites at present), and I already have an online journal, which is a forum for me muse about things that go on in my head randomly..but, for a blog to be relevant and interesting, I need to have focus on what the content should be.

I don't want it to be just another online journal. So, how do I make it relevant? Should I focus on issues, or a specific niche subject? and if i do the latter, how do I keep it vibrant and expansive? ugh...

I know I need to blog in order to market myself effectively, utilize social media for revenue enhancement and to stay current and connected,
I'm not sure if I want to put something out there that is mundane and reeks of self-absorption (that's what Twitter and my online journal is for..LOL)

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