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To your question -

I suspect my life ebbs between expectation,desire and ambition and giving up.

By giving up I embrace (as you say) the consequences of my being as both old and new friend and together we explore the day in wonder.

This does not seem to last. Eventually wonder( and the need to pay ills) gives way to ambition and once again I make myself busy grasping at my future.

But hopefully ( and I look forward to it) I'll give up in time to once again see the wonder of all my wondering and grasping and catch up with old friends for while.

From order to giving up and disorder and back again.

I don't know if there is a "what if" - but, by giving up, I get a glimpse of the beauty "that is".

Always a pleasure.

It's amazing how much power mean, vicious, cowardly people can have over you.

I won't shower you with cliches. You've already heard them all... But I'll just say this: Assholes are everywhere. They aren't going away. It doesn't get any easier. The smarter you are, the more people resent you. The more passionate you are, the more people ridicule you. The more valuable you are, the more people try to make you feel like you are worthless.

My good friend Nicole Johnson (@effigyfarms on Twitter) has a simple response anytime one of them pops up on her radar, and it's this:

"Go f**k yourself." And surprisingly, it works really well. ;)

I know I'm just one lonely voice in the weeds out here, but I think you rock. Heck, I KNOW you rock. And I am not wrong.

So hold your head high and never doubt that you are every bit as smart, talented, important and valuable as you think you are. And if anyone messes with you from now on, send them my way. I'll have a word with them. ;)

You all rock. Thank you so much for joining this conversation and for adding your much needed voice to what may of you indicated as a timely topic.

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