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I find that execution falls flat when people let obstacles get in the way and give up,"Well, we can do that because..." I like to flip it around and think "what if we could do it, what would that look like? So what are other solutions?" Sometimes execution fails because frankly some people are afraid of a little hard work. By the way, I found out today that I am going to @marketingprofs event in Boston. Really looking forward to it. I hope to say hello to you and meet in person.

@Stuart - they most certainly are the times you remember more vividly, aren't they? I'm with you on that one. My mentor always told me, doing your best is not good enough, getting it done is...

@Jeff - great tip, thank you. I also like the special touch you added here about giving presentations and focusing on the audience. It is a bit harder when you're staring at a darkened room, but the trick is to find those people who give you non verbal cues, and focus on them, taking turns to make sure you're covering the room. Amen on the risk taking.

I try to focus on how I will feel once I have executed the project, especially when things have become routine. I know that feeling is much more exhilarating than starting or planning the project. When I focus on how I will feel after it's done, then I get motivated to execute it. Otherwise, I may dread starting that project.

When I give presentations I focus on the audience, the learner with the goal of helping them have their own "Aha!" moment. The content of the presentation might be old to me or feel routine yet it could be very new to the audience, the attendee, the learner. When I shift my goal from my presentation to their learning experience, my experience also becomes richer.

As for failing spectacularly. I try to focus on the learning aspect of everything I do. It makes failing forward a true learning experience and valuable in every way. I'd prefer to take big risks and fail than not at all.

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