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I think that failing spectacularly is more responsible for the things I know today then my personal successes. I fail and I fail a lot. But I always try and learn something from said failure.

I think you could essentially define "experience" as having failed more times. Execution is SO huge though.

@Luis - planning is comfortable, doing is risky so they are bound to feel very differently. I rely on my peers and professionals I respect, too. Also, I volunteer to mentor for others. In both situations, I train to look at problem solving through a different lens (1) that of a mentor who experienced things differently and knows me; (2) that of someone who relies on me for advice without necessarily knowing all my history. Sometimes no history helps looks at things from a fresh perspective. When someone knows me, they keep in mind my triggers on execution.

@Rod - somehow I had missed the manifesto. Thank you so much for sharing it here. Love #5, 10 and 12.

@John - indeed, as human beings we could say we're always in beta. Testing, measuring/getting feedback and refining is a great way of getting things done and learning. Creating and curating the Fast Company social network was a long beta; this blog is always in beta; every single one of my talks is different and in beta; the Twitter account I started for our customer community at user group conferences is a beta (they're not on Twitter, yet en masse :); our expanded PR programs through content marketing are tests. They all work out differently. I learned that you need to be attuned to not just what you're trying to accomplish, but the unintended consequences - they are opportunities to explore new direction. It's more the art than the science in marketing, actually. If you know what you're looking for in those cases, you won't see what you did not expect. Thank you for the question.

@CASUDI - visualization is a very powerful tool for people - the brain cannot tell the difference between visualized and realized. So in a way you could say it's a prototype or beta of the actual thing. You still need the doing for the rest of you/us to touch the results.

"Vision without implementation is hallucination"

My partner James has been using this as his mantra recently, and as the beginning of discussion with several design clients.

This is one of your best posts (& illustrations) and so excellent comments.

Thanks to all.

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