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Valeria - I love your blog! Out of the 70 or so blogs that I track on a regular basis yours always has some of the best and most relevant content. David's ideas about "mapping the customer experience" are spot on. I have given this topic a lot of thought as it related to general customer service, but I must admit that David's ideas and your blog have really made me take a look at this idea as it relates to my website -- thank you! To keep the conversation going and add some more ideas to the mix, below I've pasted in a blog I recently posted on "moments of truth" I hope you and your readers find it of value. Thanks so much Valeria keep up the fantastic work!

From John Spence's blog:

Moments of Truth

The process of delivering any product or service to a customer typically includes multiple steps. Although every step is important, there are few critical "Moments of Truth" that carry significantly more weight in the customer's mind.
Great service providers identify these critical touchpoints and are obsessive about creating systems and processes to ensure that they are delivered flawlessly every single time. For example, I made a list of every single touchpoint I could think of in the process of a customer going out to dine at a restaurant. I won't give you the complete list (I identified 157 touchpoints) but here are just a few to give you a flavor for what I'm talking about:

Signage is clear, access to parking lot is convenient, and parking spots are wide enough for large cars and trucks.
Parking lot is clean, landscaping is healthy and attractive, and the entrance is well lighted and safe.

Immediately upon entering, facilities are spotless, ambience is warm and relaxing, music is at an appropriate level.
Hostess greets patrons with a warm smile as they approach the reservations desk and welcomes them to the restaurant.

Hostess offers to take jackets, determines number of people in party, and inquires to see if they have a reservation or a special seating request.

Hostess determines approximate wait for table, informs guests of wait time, and offers to bring beverages while they wait for their table.

Beverage order is correct; drinks are mixed appropriately and served in an attractive manner.

Okay, we've just covered the first two minutes of a two-hour dining experience. As you can see, from pulling into the parking lot to driving away later in the evening after dinner, there are dozens of touchpoints that add up to either a positive or negative dining experience. However, out of all those various touchpoints, there are a few critical Moments of Truth that MUST go perfectly in order for the customer to be fully satisfied. For a restaurant those critical touchpoints include:

Food quality
Service quality

You can be spectacular on all of the other touchpoints, but if you don't nail these four, there is no way to create loyal, engaged in highly satisfied customers. For example:

Really clean restaurant, pretty good food, okay service, outlandishly high prices = no game.

Super high food quality, very good service, reasonable price, cockroaches walking across the floor = out of business.

Very clean restaurant, highly attentive waiters, very reasonable price, crappy food = empty restaurant.

The goal is to identify the short list of your company's key Moments of Truth -- your most critical customer touchpoints -- and design processes and systems to ensure they are done absolutely flawlessly each and every time. The aim here is to make it as easy as possible for your people to provide stunning service by removing opportunities for mistakes or failures.

Through checklists, standard operating procedures, computer systems and regular training programs you want to define exactly what "superior customer service" looks like in your business and then build a well thought-out system to make sure that you can consistently deliver it!

*** Now the key is to take your ideas Valeria, David's wonderful ideas, and the information I have listed above -- and focus at all on creating "Consistently Superior Digital Moments of Truth" ***

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