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If you are blogging as a company representative or authoritative figure, keep the ranting and sarcasm to a minimum. No one likes a whiner. And yes, it’s good to post on other blogs to get visibility. Just don’t look needy or be obnoxious about it!

before starting my own firm, i was at a consulting org for many years and worked with talented, smart people. it was all too easy to assume we knew lots about what was going on in our area of expertise. this post is a great reminder about complacency and learning and the need to seek out information, ideas, and exchanges with those near and far, like and unlike us.

@Stuart - the other thought is that all you need often is just a little spark and you're off onto a fantastic idea and post. Isn't that the case?

@David - Looking at your about page and recent post, I'm thinking that we never communicated as humans. Yet, we did. Before the industrial age, in the agriculture age and even before then, we even spread stories and transmitted them from one generation to the next. It's part of being human. We always write for ourselves, without exception. It's what helps us process information and grow our brain from birth to maturity. Occasionally, others are in the room with us and we think together. So while we change our brains, only on rare occasions, we're ready to change our minds. Thank you for the thought-provoking comment.

@Matthew - several people in my network who do not have blogs have used LinkedIn successfully, as if it were their blog. Small businesses might do the same, launch great discussions with questions and be very thoughtful in answering questions by others. Not every company needs a blog.

@Lewis - you don't need to convince me I'm sold on being busy and not having enough hours in a day. Referrals from peers in our network are becoming very important indeed in our time starved days - and so are engaging discussions and interactions where the content plays back to our needs, hopes and even loves.

@Ricardo - we're all interconnected in addition to being interdependent. News and stories matter to our decisions as much as charts and projections. Improving means also being aware of the changing and evolving context in which we operate. Good to hear you check in with each other at work.

@Karen - changing scenery does help. I have two posters of the main square in Modena hanging from my office - they're my happy place. I see that trend on Twitter. People asking their network for ideas and examples even before they've written the post. It really does help jump start your thinking when you do it out loud with others and, as you said, people are good with helping each other. Doing the work, now that requires a whole different set of skills :)

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